• Milking a Cow
    Fernhill Dairy

Fernhill Dairy

Our Daily Milking Routine

Guests are encouraged to join our daily milking, where twice a day we milk our cows by hand… the old-fashioned way. This is an opportunity to get up close and personal with our animals, where in addition to milking the cows, we often have calves or lambs that we are bottle feeding, as well as chickens and bunnies that are fed during milking times. Any of these activities are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Supporting a local Soup Kitchen

In an attempt to support our community, we donate milk to a local Soup Kitchen in Rheenendal, that assists in feeding several hungry children and adults. Our milk is given fresh to the children and also added to a very wholesome, nutritious, and warm porridge that satisfies their hunger.

Jersey Girl Ice Cream

Our decadent farm-fresh FULL CREAM ice cream is lovingly handmade by Emma, or her sisters, Hannah or Jess if Emma is away on her overseas travels. It is the richest, creamiest ice cream you have ever tasted, and it is addictive, so beware! In addition to the ice cream, Emma also makes cream cheese for home use. Other farm products for sale to guests include fresh milk or cream, farm butter, free range eggs, and macadamia nuts.

How our dairy started…

From humble beginnings, milking on our knees or flat on our bottom on the ground while our cows stood in a crush, out in the open regardless of the weather, it was a very primitive and often messy affair. Our dairy has since evolved into a facility we are proud of, and our cows love it!