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A typical Fernhill Day

We are a fully functioning, hands-on farm, so we encourage you to put on a pair of gum boots and join us in experiencing farm life during your stay.

Come and milk a cow with us, feed and cuddle one of our babies, or join us in putting our sheep to bed, where there is never a shortage of cuddles to be found. The donkeys and horses are also quite demanding of attention, always eager for a scratch or a treat, not to mention Pixie and Pickle, the pot belly pigs that roam the farm looking for cuddles and treats.

Explore some of the gorgeous forests and farmlands on our farm walk, where cows peacefully graze and time stands still. At Fernhill you will find the Peace that is lacking in our modern fast paced world. Allow the forests and our animals to teach you how to slow down, breathe deep and be at one with nature. Take time to savour the sunrise and sunset and do not forget to look up at the night sky...our stars will amaze you!!


Our animals all want to be loved. From our bottle-fed calves and lambs, to the fluffy rabbits and even our adult animals all want a scratch and a little bit of TLC. Our sheep especially enjoy their cuddles in the evening when we bring them into their night time enclosure. We guarantee that after spending some time with our animals, the world will seem like a much brighter place....


Our Jersey cows are hand milked at 7h30 and 16h30 daily and this is the perfect opportunity to join in the fun. Our cows are very patient and extremely tame, so all ages are welcome to give it a try. We are very proud of our small dairy and our cows love it too!!

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Besides our free-roaming chickens and potbelly pigs, we have a variety of animals that love their treats. Our horses come right up to the cottage fences looking for an apple or carrot, while the donkeys enjoy their night time spoil when the sheep are put away for the night. We also often have lambs and calves that we bottle feed, so be sure not to miss out on this activity during milking times...

Farm walk

The best way to explore the form is on foot and our 3km hiking trail will take you through beautiful indigenous forests full of ferns, bypassing several of our dams and you may even come across our herd of cows that roam the fields. Be on the look-out for bushbuck and duiker, as well as many bird species, including the beautiful Knysna Loerie.